Gold Chandelier (Erhard and Söhne)

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2016 Exhibit

Gold Chandelier (Erhard and Söhne)

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Arch Two , Area 19
Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Miniatures (display)
==This exhibit is scheduled to go on display during 2016, as part of the museum's 25th anniversary improvements==,

An exquisite gold-on-brass decorative six-lamp chandelier made by Erhard and Söhne, designed for six glass bulbs , with six ornamental white glass "flower" shades to scatter any upward-aimed light.

The lamp body is made of intricately-pressed brass sheet, which would have been painted with mercury-gold amalgam and then fired ("ormolu" process).

Erhard and Söhne produced three main versions of this chandelier: One with upward-pointed lamp mount for holding model candles, one with upward-pointing mounts for bowl-shaped model gas lamps, and a third inverted version that pointed its mounts downwards to take model electric lamps .


As of April 2016, the chandelier is currently missing two of the bulbs and upshades, and its hanging ring. We'll be having replacements made before the chandelier goes on display (but not in time for the 7th May 2016 launch).


Various versions of this chandelier exist, designed to be mounted with the lamps pointing upwards or downwards. This particular piece has its chains attached to rings near the ends of the lamp-arms in such a way to suggest that it's intended to be mounted with the lamps pointing downwards (update: as it's supplied with model electric bulbs and bulb-shades, downwards is the correct orientation in this case).


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