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E.M. Gheysens / EMG was owned by Eugene Marcel Gheysens, and produced a small range of sewing machines including the famous "Little Betty", one of the UK's favourite children's sewing machines.

Gheysens had a factory in the UK, but also went though periods where they were importing German-made machines.

1955 trade advertising text:

THESE machines have been so beautifuly and soundly constructed that they can be quite satisfactorily used for plain sewing, such as seaming curtains, sheets, cushions, etc., by grown-ups. Each machine takes the large size cotton reel and is supplied with steel clamp for fixing and simple tri-lingual instructions. Every machine proves its good working order by the stitches on the material on the table of the machine.

EVERY MACHINE is packed in strong cardboard box with corrugated protection inside, fancy label on lid, and GUARANTEED IN WORKING ORDER BY THE MANUFACTURERS: E.M. GHEYSENS LTD.


  • E. M. Gheysens Ltd., Buckland Bridge, Dover, England

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