Garage (Dinky Toys 45)

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Garage (Dinky Toys 45)

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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 9

A yellow screenprinted tinplate Garage with red faux-tiled roof and green double doors, adorned with printed flowerbeds and climbing plants, Dinky Toys number 45, produced from 1934 onwards.

This was one of the first of the official Dinky Toy models. The Museum's example is rather battered, but this is such a rare piece nowadays (due to all the wear and tear that kids inflicted on them), that it still counts as museum-worthy.

File:Dinky 45 Garage (MM 1935-11).jpg
Garage, Dinky Toys 45, from the November 1935 issue of Meccano Magazine