Engine Shed No2 (Hornby Series)

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Engine Shed No2 (Hornby Series)

Hornby Engine Shed No.2 (1928 HBoT).jpg Engine Shed No.1, 1928 catalogue (i)
BTMM map 064.gif

Arch Two , Area 64
1930s Layout, bottom

A tinplate gauge 0 Hornby No.2 engine shed made in the 1930's, with a green base, doors front and back, raised skylight section, chimneys, and protruding ventilator ducts. The shed has double-doors and two sets of track to take a pair of locomotives.

The screenprinting shows brickwork and a blue-grey slate roof, with doors, chimneys, and all other additional details are picked out in green.

No.1 vs No.2

The No.2 engine shed is essentially a double-length version of the No.1, with four windows per side instead of two, four chimneys per side instead of two, and two ventilation outcrops in the longer roof instead of one. While the short 0-4-0 No.1 and M-Series Hornby locos coudlfit into the No.1 sheds, the No.2 sheds were needed for parking the longer No.2 Hornby locos.


There are two of these sheds at the back of the central 1930s layout.