Duchess of Monrose, BR 46232 (Bassett-Lowke)

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Duchess of Monrose, BR 46232 (Bassett-Lowke)

B-L locomotive, BR 46232
BTMM map 067.gif

Arch Three , Area 67
1930s Layout, undershelves


A blue, gauge 0, 4-6-2 BR Duchess Class "Duchess of Montrose" locomotive and tender, number 46232, made by Bassett-Lowke circa ~1951.

The original locomotive

Originally built by the LMS in 1938 as one of the initial batch of five non-streamlined "Coronations", and numbered LMS 6232, the loco was renumbered when British Rail took it over. This example is finished in the BR Experimental Blue that was briefly introduced for some locomotives some time around ~1949.

Historical interest

Since the BR "experimental" colours were not in use for very long, and were not incredibly well documented (and since the actual nature of the blue used is sometimes disputed), the existence of an expensive contemporary model carrying the livery acts as a form of historical reference.

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