Dornier DoX, Card No 40 (JPAeroplanes 1935)

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Civilian Aircraft 1935 (John Player)

Dornier DoX, Card No 40 (JPAeroplanes 1935).jpg

Card No. 40  : The DORNIER Do. X (Germany)

One of the world's biggest flying boats and an engineering marvel, the Dornier has twelve engines and a hull worthy of a seagoing yacht The pilot's compartment is comparable with the bridge of a ship and the passengers' accommodation is luxurious and spacious. There are three decks, the middle one containing seven separate passenger cabins and a kitchen. On the top deck there are the pilot's cockpit, a large cabin for the captain and a chart room. The lower deck is occupied by fuel tanks. When the Do. X. was undergoing its first tests, a flight was made with 100 passengers aboard.