Don Quixote (fretwork figure)

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Don Quixote (fretwork figure)

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Arch Two , Area 58
Wooden Cutout Figures (display)

Puppet Corner

A wooden jointed figure of "Don Quixote", the lead character in Miguel de Cervantes' two-part novel, 'The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha", created by an unknown manufacturer.

The figure is jointed so that the arms and legs move, as well as the legs of his loyal steed "Rocinante".

About the character

Don Quixote (or more accurately Alonso Quijano) is the lead character of the novels. An ageing country gentleman who, while nominally sound of mind, reads too many books on chivalry and becomes convinced that they are all true despite being obviously fiction. He enlists Sancho Panza (a local peasant) to be his squire, renames a local village girl "Dulcinea del Toboso", claiming her as his "lady-love" despite never having spoken to her in his life, and rides off to become a knight errant.

After many "adventures" (which are naturally magnified to epic deeds in the poor knight's mind), he finally comes to his senses, apologizes for the harm he has done and even sets a condition in his will that his niece will be disinherited if she marries a man who reads on chivalry.

Quixote's most famous storyline involves him attempting to joust with windmills while believing them to be giants.