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Derek Brough (~1916-1999) was a keen model engineering enthusiast with a strong focus on railways, and as a lad, he worked at the Bassett-Lowke shop at 112 High Holborn, under Mr. Sell.

Life History

Since Derek died single, without children, we've found it quite difficult to put together a definitive biography. If anyone out there has more information about Derek, we'd love to hear it.

  • A posting on the website mentions "L&NWRS member No 38, Derrick J. W. Brough … died in June 1999, aged 83", which would put Derek’s birth year as around 1916. The posting says that Derek was a long-time member of the Stephenson Locomotive Society.
  • The Old Kings Club Newsletter (for Kings College School (“KCS”), Wimbledon) mentions "the late Derek Brough (1934), a senior engineer on British Railways Southern Region, who died in 1999". If 1934 is the year that Derek left and if the school had the same leaving age of 18 that it has now, then this once again puts Derek’s birth year as around ~1916.
  • Going back to September 1925 (when Derek would have been about nine years old), an advert for Lotts Bricks announced the winners of the company’s June and July "Bridge" competition as including one Derek Brough of Worcester Park, Surrey. While this might be a coincidence, Worcester Park is pretty much adjacent to Wimbledon.

Littledale Brough Trust

Brough's collection (notably his collection of cast-iron locomotive paperweights) forms part of the Littledale Brough Trust, founded in 1994.


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