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The Littledale Brough Trust was originally created by a Declaration of Trust on 25th May 1994, signed by Christopher Littledale, D.J.W. Brough, Anthony Capo Bianco and Tony Manthos.

The Trust has been accepted as a charity for tax purposes by HM Revenue and Customs since July 2009 (HMRC reference XT19024).

The Littledale Brough Trust (2003 description)

The trust was set up by "Westham and Grosse" solicitors during 1995, to safeguard the core collection of toy and model trains and associated material, including ships, aeroplanes, model soldiers, road vehicles, lead farm yeards, dolls, dolls houses, and other objects including catalogues, books, reference-material, certain workshop equipment and spare parts. This makes up the greater part of the Chris Littledale collection, which has inherited the collection of Railway paperweight models, 0 gauge trains and catalogues of the late Derek Brough.

The will of Chris Littledale, Founder and Director of Brighton Toy and Model Museum, sets out that, in his demise, the above collection will become the property of the Littledale Brough Trust and will remain in the premises (wherever they are located) of the Brighton Toy and Model Museum for the benefit of the museum and its objectives, and furthermore, should the museum be unable to continue, then the objects will be found the best possible home in order to remain in perpetuity.

The trustees at present named are Chris Littledale, Anthony Capo-Bianco, Ken Mathews, Tony Manthos and Michael Foster.

Any person wishing to donate objects, or purchasing-funds should donate to the above trust, c/o Brighton Toy and Model Museum.


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