Cooker (Ernst Plank)

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A working metal toy cooker, manufactured by Ernst Plank.


The cooker has a single front oven door and two round open holes for placing toy cookware. On its right-hand side is an ornate silver embossed panel marked "EP N" (for "Ernst Planck, Nuremberg") that pulls out to reveal a spirit burner with three wick-holders and two unused (an apparently original) wicks. A central third wick-holder is blanked off with a cork plug (again, apparently original). Presumably the same wick-holder assembly was intended to be used by Planck with to a range of different toy cookers with different configurations.

The cooker has a guard rail running around the upper edge, and a removable back splash panel enamelled to look like white kitchen tiling.


The cooker is intended for display (hopefully during 2018), but will need some cleaning (and further research) first.