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The Bassett-Lowke Archive at Brighton Toy and Model Museum is currently in storage and not available for viewing.

The museum's plan is to preserve the archive in its current relatively-undisturbed state until it can be the subject of a proper and full digitisation project that will make the archive fully available to researchers and the general public in digital form.

Archive contents

The Bassett-Lowke company clippings archives

These are the company's own press and advertising cuttings archives, cut and pasted (by Bassett-Lowke) into large-format albums.
The number of volumes, number of pages, and completeness (or incompleteness) of this collection are currently awaiting assessment.

Bassett-Lowke Catalogues from 1902 to 1960 (an almost complete set)

These were the annual catalogues passed to retailers. Paperback, approx 50 pages per catalogue. (~2,900 pages in total).

Bassett Lowke Handbooks (around 10 of)

Hardback, approx. 150 pages per book. (~1,500 pages in total). These are hardback books of promotional items and editorials - they are not strictly advertising, but they are also not "regular" publications like the catalogues.

Bassett-Lowke special publications (two or three)

Approximately ~150 pages per book (estimated ~450 pages in total) Unknown content, believed to contain mostly colour images.

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