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Snowdogs by the Sea was a highly successful publicity initiative to promote Brighton and Martletts Hospice.

The Snowdogs were a set of identical statues based on the Raymond Briggs character, The Snowdog', which was a spin-off from the classic animated Christmas story, The Snowman.

44 plain white snow dog sculptures were created, and then individually customised by various organisations. The finished sculptures were then placed on display around Brighton between 24th September and 27th November 2016, with the exception of one Snowdog which was placed at Victoria Station, London, the London end of the London to Brighton line.

A further 22 "Snowdog Puppy" sculptures were decorated by schoolchildren.

A Snowdog Trail leaflet and map allowed visitors to find the Snowdogs around Brighton, and a Snowdog Selfie competition challenged visitors to see if they could take selfies of themselves with every single Snowdog within a single day.

The initiative ended with a "Snowdogs by the Sea" Festive Farewell event at the Brighton Dome on 4th-5th December, where all 44 Snowdogs will be gathered together for one last time.

All the proceeds from the event will go to Martlett's Hospice, who will also receive the money from the Snowdog sculptures' sale.

The Snowdogs

  • Boomer
artist: RYCA
  • Max
artist: Sarah Arnett
  • Snowbrador
artist: Ruby Cooper
  • Marty
artist: David Halliwell
  • Dave the Dog
artist: Totally Dynamic
  • Pebbles
artist: Joanna Martin
  • Flower
artist: Kai and Sunny
  • Bobby
artist: Katherine Griffin
  • Neon Camo Snowdog of Hope
artist: Mike Edwards
  • Clifton
artist: Chalk Gallery Artists
  • Newshound
artist: Heidi Compton
  • Smart Vibes
artist: Pinky
  • Blot the Dog
artist: McQuillen
  • Mod Dog
artist: Steve Mason
  • Disco Dog
artist: Natalie Guy
  • Koinu Yakuza
artist: Sohelia Jones
  • Horatio - The Bathing Beauty
artist: Judith Berrill
  • Crush Puppy
artist: Louise Dear
  • Lola
artist: Deven Bhurke
  • Splash Hound
artist: Lawrence Rt Supplies
  • Snowman's Nightmare
artist: Pure Evil
  • Roodle
artist: Isy Langhore
  • Merry - Go - Hound
artist: Sean Sims
  • Legal Beagle
artist: Kip Devore McCullough
  • Southdowns Dog
artist: Kellie Miller
  • Bella
artist: Chris Dawson
  • Process Pup
artist: Josh Ford (The Osh)
  • GRRRace
artist: Mik Richardson
  • Palace Pup
artist: Maria and Patricia Shrigley
  • Under the Sea
artist: Lynne Bannon
  • Patch - The Unfinished Quilt
artist: Judith Berrill
  • Frank
artist: Jane Anderson
  • Winter Lily
artist: Sarah Jane Richards
  • Smiley
artist: Sophy Henn
  • Seagulls of the South
artist: Kathleeen Smith
  • Brighton Rock
artist: Pinky
  • Bone China
artist: Gemma Compton
  • Bow Wow
artist: Mike Edwards
  • Giant Snowdog and Snowman Sand Sculpture
artist: Anonymous
  • Dudley
artist: Louise Dear
  • Gizmo
artist: Anonymous
  • Sparky
artist: David Sith
  • The Snowdog
artist: Anonymous
  • Rose
artist: Deven Bhurke
  • Brighton Belle
artist: Jenny Leonard

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