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1960s -     

The Replicars (or RepLicars) range was a set of snap-together plastic kits of classic early automobiles.

The range was sold in the UK as Harbutt's Replicars, and was apparently also available in the US as Aurora Snap-a-roos.


The early UK adverts were a little confusing, stressing the Harbutt's name rather than the Replicars brand-name. Also confusing was the mention of included Plasticine ... which we think was probably a promotional idea, but which may have raised alarm in the minds of some people reading the ads that perhaps Plasticine played a part in the construction of the models!

The later "deluxe" sets dropped any mention of included Plasticine, and instead included paints.


The quoted "1:90" scale seems a little odd – it's fractionally smaller than the 1:87 scale used by HO-scale model railways used in the US and on the Continent, but it's a fair bit smaller than the 1:76 used in the UK for 00-scale model railways.

We're assuming that this was a European or American range that Harbutts decided to distribute, and that Harbutt's might not have done very well with it. It might even be one of the "diversification" products that some people blamed for Harbutt's getting into financial difficulties.

1969 advert text:

new from Harbutt's

The new miniature car construction set for making up 10 vintage and veteran models. Scale 1/90th. Contents include 10 assembly kits, instruction leaflet, 'Plasticine' and assembly tools. Everything fits perfectly into place without glue. Order now.

Distributed by: Harbutt's Plasticine Ltd. Bathampton - Bath - Somerset

— , Harbutt's, , Meccano Magazine, , April 1969

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