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The Triang Railways 1964 catalogue includes a number of ambitious and intriguing products in the Minic Motorways section, some of which are not obviously anything to do with motorways, roads or cars .

Garages with automatically opening doors, a service station with a lift that works, chimneys that gush real smoke ...

1964 catalogue listing:

  • M1548 – Drive-on Car Transporter
  • M1623 – Automatic Crossroads Set

  • M1578 – Drive-on Car Water Ferry
  • M1579 – Car Water Ferry Loading Quay
  • M1580 – Car Water Ferry Set

  • M1801 – Shell Filling Station
  • M1802 – Shell Service Bay / Service Station
  • M1803 – London Transport Bus Garage
  • M1804 – Kent Fire Service Fire Station

  • M1806 – Bungalow with Automatic Garage
  • M1807 – Bungalow with Automatic Garage and smoking chimney

  • M1813 – Motel Restaurant
  • M1814 – Motel Chalet and Garage (pair)

1964 catalogue images:

Car ferry: