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Bassett-Lowke Ltd. sold a range of miniature enamelled tinplate posters with small holes that allowed them to be pinned or screwed to walls on gauge 0 model railway layouts.

The posters were sold in packets, and it can sometimes be difficult to track down contemporary artwork documenting what the full range was, and what some of the items looked like. However, this was such a niche product range that we're pretty sure that all of these pieces came via Bassett-Lowke.

Many of them have fairly obvious tie-ins with Bassett-Lowke - apart from the obvious reproduction of Bassett-Lowke's 1904 catalogue cover and the Model Railways Handbook, the set also includes a poster for B.D.V. cigarettes and tobacco (who cooperated with Bassett-Lowke in a "model trains for cigarette coupons" promotion), and C.&E. Lewis, a Northampton shoemaking company.

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