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Märklin's unnamed "rail" road car system appears in the 1936 Marklin catalogues, and doesn't seem to appear after this. We don't have a copy of a 1935 catalogue, but the system seems to have only had a fleeting existence.

It allowed two-track racing (with a figure-8 track with bridge, to ensure that both tracks would be the same length), and while it didn't have hand-held controls, it did let you use the variable-voltage speed regulator box designed for the company's railway systems ... which had to sit on a table-top, but was in some ways better than some of the crude "on-off" hand-held slotcar controllers.

1936 catalogue description:

Car Tracks for 20 Volt Drive

for connection with the light mains from 110-250 Volt A.C. by means of a transformer, or 110-250 Volt D.C. by means of a motor generator

The construction of a car track system is very simple, the separate car track sections are fitted together like the rails of a model railway; with the various sections available any desired track system with bends and counter bends can be be built. The connection to the mains is also similar to that of the MARKLIN 20 Volt railways, namely through a car track connecting system, using a transformer set ZG for alternating current or a motor-generator BG for direct current.

For systems with a double-track the following are required: a transformer (or motor generator) set BG, 2 cables 13532/13, 2 speed regulators 13472 and two cross muffs 13491 K.

Comprehensive instructions are included in each set.

Car Tracks for 20 Volt Drive

The curved motor track sections are made in two radii (27 12 in. and 35 12 in.); in each case the circle is made up of 8 sections. These two radii are so arranged that they enable two tracks to be adjacent to one another, thus forming together a road to take 2 lines of traffic. Playing with these motor tracks is thus made especially fascinating for those who have 2 cars, as then road traffic can be reproduced and races run.

Cars (red or white)

13301 Racing Car with powerful 20 V. motor, electric headlamp and racing figure. Length 19cm.

With two spare brushes (one each 13437/3½ and 13438/3½)
The racing car 13301, can be supplied in red with the number five or in white with the number seven.


  • 13310 A – Car Track Section, curved, length 35 cm., outer radius 90 cm.
  • 13320 A – Car Track Section, curved, length 27 cm., outer radius 70 cm.
  • 13320 D – Car Track Section, straight, length 21 cm.
  • 13320 D½ – Car Track Section, straight, length 10½ cm.
  • 13320 D⅓ – Car Track Section, straight, length 7 cm.
  • 13320 DA – Car Track Section, beginning of banking.
  • 13320 DE – Car Track Section, end of banking.
  • 13326 – Car Track Section, connecting section.
  • 13326 – Cross-over, consisting of 2 wooden ramps and bridging piece, beautifully painted, complete with car track: 2 sections 13320 DA, 2 sections 13320 DE, 1 section 13320 D, 2 sections 13320 D½ (see illustration to 13301 G3).
  • 13326 – Cross-over, consisting of 2 wooden ramps and bridging piece, beautifully painted, complete with 2 car tracks: 4 sections 13320 DA, 4 sections 13320 DE, 2 sections 13320 D, 4 sections 13320 D½ and 2 sections 13320 D⅓ (see illustration to 13301 G/22).


  • 13329 G – Lap Counter for car tracks complete with track section 21 cm in length (13320 D). Height 12 cm.

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