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Madeira Lift is an ornamental Victorian grade II listed public seafront lift built in 1890, open in summer months, that takes visitors between the roadway up above the seafront and Madeira drive level down at the beachfront. In theory it also has an intermediate "stop" at the middle level, but since this walkway is currently closed (as of 2018), the lift doesn't stop there.

The top-level entrance to the lift, which juts out from the seawall as a red brick tower with turquoise and cream cast iron decorations, takes the from of an ornamental kiosk with surrounding viewing space and railings, and benches, and a jutting roof to provide shelter from the rain.

The lowest-level part of the lift is embedded in the the decorative Eastern Shelter Hall (better known as the Concorde 2 music venue). The Lift tower, shelter hall, and Maderia Arches have a common design style and colour scheme, and form a unified whole.

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