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JASCO ("Junior Aircraft Supply Company") were a small but influential American model aircraft brand from the 1930s onwards. In the UK, adverts for the company occasionally appeared in the same sorts of publications that carried ads for the Keilkraft kits and model planes.

Franc Zaic

Frank Zaic (1912-2005) was born in Slovenia and moved to New York in 1922, and started JASCO with his brother John and sister Christine in 1933.

At the time there was not a lot of technical information about the aerodynamic theory of model aircraft, and model plane design was a bit hit-and-miss. Having educated himself on what was available on aircraft theory through the New York Public Library, Frank ended up publishing a series of yearbooks that other model aircraft builders found invaluable, and also published articles, reviews and technical research in a range of other publications. He was also involved in the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics).

As well as being involved in the design of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride (which spawned the successful films) Frank remained involved in model aircraft for the rest of his life, and ended up reprinting the old yearbooks for their historical interest.

Addresses (UK)

  • Junior Aircraft Supply Co. Ltd. – Eastbank Street, Southport, Lancs.

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