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Hamblings were a specialist model railway and accessories supplier with a Central London shop just off Charing Cross Road.

They are nowadays perhaps best remembered for their association with Merco and their promotion of lithographed coach-side papers that allowed home-builders to make their own realistic wooden coaches, comparatively cheaply.

Introduction to the 1948 catalogue:



Modelmakers to British Railways and Government Departments

HAMBLING'S for many years past has been known as leaders and largest manufacturers and suppliers of scale "00" gauge. We deal exclusively in "00" only and do not handle other gauges, therefore we claim in this age of specialisation that we can offer advice and assistance in "00" gauge based on actual operating and working experience, not just theory.

  We work entirely to the new B.R.M.S.B. Standards in connection with M.E.T.A. for "00" gauge 16.5mm.

  For years past we have always been known as progressive, we always submit to our customers the most up-to-date and modern ideas providing that they are practical. Reference to our 1939 catalogue will show that we were just listing items for use with the 2-rail system, this has now been fully developed and is undoubtedly the best system to adopt from operating and realism points of view. We wish to state that all our track, locos, rolling stock, wheels, parts, etc., will be manufactured for 2-rail working. To those of our older clients who have 3-rail systems or clients who do not mind visible third rail, such as Southern, or L.P.T.B. systems, we say don't despair, all our systems will be very simply convertible for 3-rail use, and can show in due course definite advantages for using an insulated track even in a third rail system.

  During the War we were producing thousands of items weekly for war purposes ; we learnt new methods and processes, new machines, etc., have been developed, and so we now can pass the benefit of this experience and development to our customers in the form of improved design, workmanship and processing, therefore you can rely on Hambling's products as the best.

  We are now busy with new tools, dies and production schemes, and the results of this activity will be seen as time goes on. A word may be said here that we are dependent on supplies of materials, and these under post-war conditions are bound to be difficult, so we counsel patience: remember we are anxious to get all of these items moving quickly.


  We always endeavour to give good delivery service. To ensure this we carry the largest stock of scale "00" in the British Isles. We do ask our customers, however, to bear with us should a delay occur. It can be readily appreciated that when dealing with hundreds of parts as we do your order may include one item that has just gone out of stock.


  • Hambling's, 10 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, London EC2

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