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Georg Kellner

1919 -     

Georg Kellner was a German toy inventor best-known for his creation of the Fit-Bits toy range.

Kellner started out as a piano-maker but was fascinated by aircraft, and wanted to be involved in some way with the new and exciting subject. His experience of working with wood and tensioned wires and small mechanisms meant that he was ideally placed to make model aircraft, and he set aside pianomaking for commercial modelmaking.

Kellner made his model business more efficient by also offering his model aircraft in kit form, so that he could spend more of his valuable time on the specialised process of making the parts and less time on assembly, making "Kellner" one of the first companies to offer model aircraft kits.


Kellner's application of ingenuity to the question of how one made toys that could be easily assembled by the user led him to invent and patent a plug-together "jummi" rubber jointing system that was the basis of the Fit-Bits range of toys sold in Europe by Kellner and in the UK by Lines Brothers.


Kellner also produced a range of boats, which were sold by Lines Brothers as k-Yachts).

Subsequent company history

  • 1965: Control of the company passes to Georg Kellner's son, Wolfgang Kellner (1928-)
  • 1972: Control passes to the East German government (Tabarz, Thuringia being in what was then Communist-controlled East Germany)
  • 1989: Georg Kellner's grandson, Hans-Georg opens a studio in Berlin making larger-scale wooden toy-sculptures.
  • ~1990-1990s: East and West Germany reunify; The factory is bought back; Hans-Georg Kellner relaunches the Fit-Bits range.

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