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Esso started as John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in Ohio, the company that made him the world’s richest man. However, breaches of competition laws in the US forced the company’s dissolution due to an unfair monopoly, and the company was divided into 33 new companies in 1911.

One of these companies, Standard Oil (New Jersey), took the unusual decision to phoneticise their company name’s abbreviation for some products in 1934, and the resulting name, Esso, was adopted as the company’s proper name in 1951.

Since 1973, Esso in America was renamed Exxon since many states contested their legally contentious decision to use a name functionally identical to that of the defunct Standard Oil. Esso had previously gone by Encon and Humble in those states. Encon was considered as the new international name, but as the name happened to sound like a Japanese phrase for a stalled car it was not used internationally.

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