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Eldon Road Racing

1960s -     

Eldon Road Racing / Road Race slotcar sets.

1963 advertising text:

How you can own a layout like this
(and get it faster three ways with Eldon!)

First, start with any Eldon Road Race Set. They're all engineered for hour after hour of trouble-free fun. Yet they cost less than any comparable sets in the road race field.

That's one way.

Next, add to your basic layout with extra track and other Eldon action-accessories. Your money buys more because Eldon accessories also cost less.

That's two ways.

Finally, join the Eldon Road Race Club. You get a membership card, regular road racing news reports, advance information about new sets and accessories, plus lots of chances to win valuable road race surprises, free!

And that's three.

Remember more boys own Eldon Road Race Sets than any other sets in the world. And for three good reasons.

Now, are you on the right track?

— , Eldon Road Racing advert, , Boys Life, , May 1963


Rubber smokes and squeals as you send your speeding Ferrari racer hurtling from one lane to the other. You've cut him off! Now ... steady ... check the lap counter as you slide around that curve. Just one lap to go! Stay ahead and the race is yours! The crowd roars as you flash out of the last turn and scream down the straightaway to victory!

START WITH ANY ELDON ROAD RACE SET ... You'll have more to start with. Eldon Road Race Sets cost less than any comparable sets in the road race field. Eldon's Selectronic Set allows you to switch lanes by remote control while operating both cars on the same lane ... at separately controlled speeds. Eldon's new Daytona Beach Set has fast Detroit stock cars with extra interchangeable bodies. The Indianapolis "8" Road Race Set, the Deluxe Road Race or even the lowest priced Handicap Road Race Set let you start the basic layout. Then – add all the exciting Eldon action-accessories you want. Your money will buy more because Eldon accessories cost less.

When you race with ELDON, you're ahead all the way!

JOIN ELDON'S ROAD RACING CLUB – free membership card and big surprises!

— , Eldon Industries Inc, , Boys' Life, , November 1963


info culled from various adverts:

... A thrill-loaded set with real Ferrari Testa Rossa Racers! New controls with speed-indicating speedometers ... two "change lane" switch tracks ... new lap counter ... pre-wired power track ... sensational starting flagman ... new special power pack ... loads of straight and curved track.
... Volume, automation and breakthrough research make this new Indianapolis "8" set possible at a down-to-earth price. Comes complete with Indianapolis-type racers, power pack, pre-wired power track, and enough track to build a big figure "8" layout.
... An authentic model of the internationally famous Detroit Stock Car Race complete with 2 dual s[peed chassis and 4 individually-styled Detroit stock car shells you can interchange in seconds. Add "change lane" switch tracks later for a few dollars.
... The basic Deuxe set with giant, chrome wire-wheeled Ferrari-type racers. Two pre-wired rheostat switches let you apply power just like you're driving. And there's enough track for a big 2 × 4 foot figure "8" layout with an exciting cross-over bridge.
New! Excitement galore! Sportscar racing in miniature! 2 rheostat controlled, Ferrari-type sportscars race around a big 2½ foot by 5 foot figure 8 track with overpass. Both cars travel exactly the same distance! It's a sport of skills! Develops the timing and co-ordination necessary to win races without skidding off the track on the turns and to gain speed on the straightaway. Set includes: 2 authentically detailed Ferrari-type sportscars with 12V carbon brush motors and worm gear drives: cars run on any 12 volt DC power pack from ½ amp. up. The handsome gold trophy ... a lap counter. 28 pieces of track, pre-wired with long lasting U-groove metal conductor. 2 rheostat switches to control the speed of each car, billboard and car decals.



  • Eldon Industries Inc – 1475 East El Secundo Boulevard, Hawthorne, California
  • Eldon Industries of Canada, Ltd. – 1315 Lawrence Avenue East, Don Mills, Ontario

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