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Dorking-based Eagle wall Plastics produced at least two ranges of plastic kits, 1:1200-scale ships and 1:96 aircraft. The company started out as the Vulcan brand (1957), then became Eagle brand in 1958 (in conjunction with Eagle comic, the home of Dan Dare).

They moved to Brighton in around ~1960, and shut down in late 1962.

Other products

"History of the Sea" kits

Historic boat kits

Four more Eaglewall kits in their new "The History of the Sea" series have been received for review. They are an Arab dhow, Fijian outrigger, Burmese paddy boat and Bermuda yawl, all at the reasonable price of 7s. 6d. each. The kits are easy to construct as the detail has been simplified to a certain extent and the number of parts kept to the minimum. The completed models do, however, lend themselves perfectly to colourful decoration and they make most attractive display items when completed. They vary in size from 9 to 10 inches long and 8 to 11 inches high.

With one exception, sails are pre-formed to give the right billowing effect, the exception being the Bermuda yawl whose sails are printed on flat paper-thin plastic sheet. Whereas the other models are mainly display items, the Bermuda yawl can be sailed and a lead ballast weight is supplied for attachment to the keel.

The instructions are very clear and well written and, as far as we were concerned, left no unsolved problems. Painting is largely a matter of choice, but adequate instructions are given to ensure an authentic appearance. By virtue of their simplicity, the kits would be excellent for the younger modeller to try his hand. This is not to imply any criticism, however, as the experienced modeller will find them attractive models to make.

— , -, , New Kits and Models, , Airfix Magazine, , November 1962


This was a clip-together, pull-apart set that allowed one to play at making a modern fighter aircraft using their own choice of different wings, tailfins, etc., all supplied in the box.

Design your own planes

The Eaglewall Design-A-Plane set is in marked contrast to their authentic gun kits, reviewed last month. It has differently shaped plastic parts representing nose and tail cones, fuselages, wings, tail planes, etc., which can be joined to each other to produce different designs of model aircraft. It is claimed that over 4,000 models can be produced and, to help in selecting the many permutations, a "computer" is included in the set.

This is not a serious kit and can only be recommended to younger would-be modellers, who will obtain quite a lot of play value from it. The parts did not fit particularly well and they were somewhat heavily cast. Price of the kit is 42s.

— , -, , New Kits and Models, , Airfix Magazine, , November 1962

Eiffel Tower

This model was 32 inches high (nearly three feet!).

Antique firearms range

Full-size antique firearms in mock wood and mock gunmetal-coloured plastic

Full size Historic antique fire-arms

These wonderful plastic self-assembly kits of historic fire-arms make up to full size models of unsurpassed realism. Displayed on the wall of a 'den' or lounge they add a distinguished touch to the decor.

  • The Kentucky Rifle

Available Now! The biggest model rifle kit in Britain. The Kentucky Rifle – nearly four and a half feet long! Wonderfully detailed and finely moulded in gun metal and walnut coloured plastic this assembly kit makes a model of absolutely unrivalled realism – the hammer, trigger and frizzen patch actually move.

  • The Yorktown – 14" long. Made in self-coloured Rosewood and Gunmetal plastic.
  • The Buccaneer – 10½" long. A splendid kit. Makes an interesting model. Light oak and gunmetal finish.
  • The Bunkerhill – 14" long. A quality flint lock pistol finished in black, walnut and Gunmetal finish.
  • The Privateer – 10½" long. Rosewood and gunmetal finish.


  • Eagle Wall (Overseas) Limited – Regent House, Princes Place, North Street, Brighton 1

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