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CCW Productions

1950 -     

CCW of Watford produced wooden model carriage kits and also white metal locomotive kits designed to be glued together. The company also absorbed the Dawson range. The earliest mention we've found for the company so far is from 1950.

Box lid, "CCW Coach and Van Construction Kits"

The "initials" mystery

The origin of the initials CCW seems to be a bit of an unknown. The company might have been founded by H.G. Cramer, (Jack Claire?), and Jack Webster (which would give CCW as initials), but this might be not be correct, and exact details of the company's origins are difficult to come by – if an original founder had contributed a letter and then left, that might explain why the full name wasn't used.

On the other hand, CCW might simply stand for "Cramer Coach Works".

1950 advertising text:

CCW Coach Construction Units for the 00 Gauge modeller

The ideal method of building 00 coaches that really do look like "true-to-scale" models.

With CCW Units beginner and expert alike can produce models of which they can be proud. The units are made of the finest Mahogany on precision machinery and every piece is made dead-square and to micrometer accuracy. from the present range, parts can be selected for the production of every type of coach, from the smallest brake-van to luxurious Pullman. Every model will accept the standard bodies, buffers etc., obtainable from your dealer.

CCW Units are not sold in kits – you buy exactly what you want and no more.

The expert will find that CCW Units free him from the drudgery of his hobby, enabling him to devote his skill to the detailed elaborations which produce the outstanding model.

— , CCW, , The Model Railway News, , February 1950


  • H.G. Cramer productions, 172 High Street, Watford
  • CCW Productions, Bridle Path, Watford Junction, England
  • CCW Productions, Chichester, Sussex, England

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