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British Games Ltd (BGL)

1930s -     

British Games Ltd. ("B.G.L.") were a London-based company who produced "standards" like chemistry and electrical sets, but also showed a bit of imagination in producing wireworking sets, conjuring and actors (makeup) sets, table-tennis sets, lighting sets, and a range of games that differed from those of most companies by having an emphasis on incorporating battery-powered electric lamps.


World Famous / British and Best / GAMES and TOYS

Christmas is fast approaching and the tme to begin your shopping list is NOW. The early shopper buys in comfort and gets the best selection. Naturally you will demand goods that are British made and you will want best value that money can buy.

The illustrations on this page are of articles made by British Games Ltd., the firm with a reputation for quality and value. Insist on B.G.L. products whenever you purchase games and toys and you are certain of satisfaction.

  • Chemistry Sets
  • Electrical Sets
  • Electric Models
  • Table Tennis
  • Conjuring Sets
  • Actors' Sets

— , B.G.L., , Meccano Magazine, , November 1934


  • British Games Ltd. – 19/21 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1 – (1932)
  • British Games Ltd. – 20 St Clare Street, Minories, London E1 – (1935)

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