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Borit wooden construction sets

1930s -     

Borit (= "Bore-It") was a wooden construction toy that was around for at least part of the 1930s (it's in the 1932 Gamages catalogue)

Technically a "boring" construction toy(!), the Borit outfit included a small set of tools including the boring tool and a small mallet, along with packs of wood, cane pegs, and a manual. The pieces of wood could be cut to size, and then pegged together after the user had bored holes in the necessary places.

While we haven't yet seen one of these sets in real life, we can quite imagine how ... unless the supplied manual was really good ... the set //might// have been rather disappointing.

1932 catalogue text:

This Outfit enables children of all ages ot make toys and models simply by means of the ingenious boring instrument and other tools supplied. Every model can be made up complete without the use of a single nail. The parts are put together by means of cane, which fits into holes drilled in the various wooden parts. The outfit thus encourages children to exert their constructive ability, and at the same time enables them to make their own toys. The number of things that can be made is unlimited. No other outfit gives a child so splendid an opportunity for exercising his ingenuity.

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