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Aurora plastic kits

1950s -     

The Aurora plastic kits range included a fair number of aeroplanes, and some ships and military vehicles.

Aurora Knights

In the UK, the brand is chiefly remembered in Britain for the large Aurora Knights figures, which were distinctively different to other plastic kitmakers' offerings, and were easy to promote in small-ads. In addition to the Knights, there was also a range of other historical figures.

1960 description:

Make These ...

Aurora model construction kits are precision-engineered, ensuring quick, easy and perfect assembly. Completed models are authentic, perfectly to scale and super-detailed, giving a dramatically realistic finish.

The range includes:-

  • Knights in Armour
  • Boys and Girls of all Nations
  • Modern Day Planes
  • Famous Warriors
  • Army Tanks and Warships
  • World War I Planes
  • World War II Planes

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