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Starting in January 2023, the museum is trialling a new Audio Guide, created by multimedia specialists "Enhanced Experience".

2023: Audio Guide hardware

Press release

Enhanced Experience is a small company based in East Sussex founded by entrepreneurs Alex Hedger and Adam Baxter with big ideas to revolutionise attraction visits by ‘Telling a Story With Every Tap’.

Alex comments, “Gone are the days of dry information in museum and visitor attractions as people now expect to ‘experience’ them rather than simply visiting. Our tech turns attractions into interactive and immersive story-telling opportunities which entertain as well as informing.”

Not only does Enhanced Experience deliver new experiences to visitors it also opens doors for smaller venues with a unique business model which ensures all attractions can offer big experiences without the big outlay usually associated with high-tech audio systems. Baxter and Hedger were excited to launch their first two Enhanced Experience sites in early 2023, at ‘The Brighton Toy & Model Museum’ and the new ‘Bizarre But True’ oddity museum in Hastings. With three new Enhanced Experiences due to launch to the public before Easter, the feedback and interest has already been overwhelming.

Adam called out to tourist attractions of all sizes “do you run a visitor attraction that deserves more attention and needs to stand out from the crowd? Contact us and we could tell your story to guests in a new and exciting way that also enhances your revenues per visitor.”

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