Car Ferry, wooden (Lego)

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Car Ferry, wooden (Lego)

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Arch Two , Area 25
Lego before Lego (display)

1958 - 1960

A bright red Wooden Car Ferry toy, manufactured by the Lego company from 1958 (and not after 1960).


The ferry is a gloss red with metal-eyeletted portholes, four unobtrusive wheels to allow it to roll across a floor, and hinging end-ramps. It has quite a sophisticated amount of applied wooden superstructure, and most of it is in such good condition that at first sight it looks brand-new.


The toy's manufacture can be dated pretty closely to 1958 or 59: In 1959 the company decided ot rebrand all their wooden toys and BILOfix, and in 1960 after a factory fire, they stopped producing wooden toys altogether.

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