British Trader, Coastal Steamer No1, clockwork (Tri-ang 2927)

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British Trader, Coastal Steamer No1, clockwork (Tri-ang 2927)

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A wooden-bodied tug-style model Coastal Steamer No.1, "BRITISH TRADER", made by Tri-ang circa 1936, catalogue number 2927.

The boat has a rounded front with protruding prow spine, a single forward mast with arm for loading and unloading cargo, and a toyish upright cabin ahead of a single tall funnel. It was one of a number fo boats made by Tri-ang with similar or identical hulls and different superstructures.

1937 catalogue description:

" Realistic model with strong clockwork motor. Working derrick with winding winch. One hold complete with dummy cargo, adjustable rudder, anchor, and chain, pennant flag, dummy lifebelt and portholes. Length of hull 17 1/2". Finished in blue and red with brown superstructure.
1937 catalogue image