Bristol Tram 1899 (1/16-scale)

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Bristol Tram 1899 (1/16-scale)

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Arch Four , Area 39
End Cabinet (display)
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A 1/16 scale, 3.5"-gauge hand-engineered model of a Bristol Tramways & Carriage Co. Ltd. open-topped tram, number 158.

The second model

This model was made as one of a pair, the other (marked up as number 160) used to be on display at Bristol Industrial Museum.

The Industrial Museum closed in 2007, and has since reopened as M Shed museum site, part of the Bristol Museums, Archives and Galleries group. Their model of Tram 160 would presumably have gone into storage with the closure of the Industrial Museum.


The tram sides mark the tram as being for the Hotwells - Brislington route, and destination boxes at the front and rear of the upper deck display "HOTWELLS"


Period advertising includes a large banner advert for Nestles Milk across the sides of the upper deck, and Robin Starch at the back of the upper deck.

The side of the tram that's visible has smaller adverts on the lower deck upper windows, for:

  • "Shop at COOPERATIVE"
  • "Renew your car at HENLYS"
  • "Vitamin packed VIROL"
  • "FRYS Chocolate"
  • "BOUNDS the family shop"
  • "WILLS cigarettes"
  • "BOVRIL for all meat dishes"
Bristol Tram, upper-deck detail

The original tram

Tram 158 was built to an 1899 pattern.

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