Biscuit Lorry biscuit tin, 1910s (Peek Freans)

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Biscuit Lorry biscuit tin, 1910s (Peek Freans)

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Arch Two , Area 9
Biscuit Tins (display)
Shelf 3

A green and cream lithographed tinplate four-wheeled toy lorry, marked "Peek Freans Biscuits", made as a floor toy, probably in the 1910s.


The lorry has an open cab with roof protruding forwards from the payload area, with a small curved-topped engine housing placed ahead of the driver. The back of the cab area is printed with an image of a driver wearing a red skirt. The lorry's body is cream, the bonnet is green with gold detailing, and the tinplate wheels are green and cream, with grey tyres. The floor of the lorry is green.

The forward panel of the payload area is marked with a royal crest, and the words "By Appointment to H.M. King George V".


Other than text and colour, the main difference between this lorry and the Macfarlane Lang lorry on the same shelf is that the forward side panel is screenprinted with an oval side- window, and has a forward-jutting curved roof support, and this lorry also has a numberplate: P.F. 1050. The basic pattern of the two lorries is almost the same, and the wheel shape and printed hub design appears to be identical on the two lorries apart from colour.


George V was King from 1910 to 1936, so the biscuit tin won't have been manufactured any earlier than 1910.

Social history

The toy is notable for showing an early commercial vehicle with a female driver.

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