Biplane, Pilot and Hangar (Britains 1521)

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Biplane, Pilot and Hangar (Britains 1521)

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Arch Two , Area 16
Aviation (display)
Shelf 3
1937 - 1941

A silver metal RAF biplane with blue white and red tail colours and wing roundels, made by Britains Ltd. from 1937 , and sold as Aircraft Series set number 1521.

Aeroplane, Pilot and Hangar set, 1937

The plane is part of a complete set no 1521, the "set" consisting of the plane, a removable pilot, and the base of the box, which is cleverly designed to convert into a model aircraft hangar.


The plane has a cast (lead?) body, curved sheet-metal wings and black tyres. The radial engine block just behind the propeller has a very pronounced shape, and is a separate casting.