Basil Brush (glovepuppet)

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Basil Brush (glovepuppet)

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A contemporary commercial glovepuppet of "Basil Brush" (not to be confused with more modern restyled glovepuppet versions).

Basil Brush was a glovepuppet fox made by Peter Firmin (of "Clangers" fame) that apeared on BBC children's television from 1967 onwards ("brush" being the name for a fox's tail). Basil had a long pointy, bendy nose that could be slowly pulled into silent expressions of theatrical disdain, and which could be grabbed by his co-presenter when there was no other way to stop the fox from talking.

Basil had two protruding upper front teeth, a "posh" English voice and mannerisms apparently based on the persona developed by the actor Terry-Thomas, and wore green tweed. He had a loud out-of-control laugh and the catchphrase "BOOM, BOOM!".

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