BILOfix Set 5

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BILOfix Set 5

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Arch Two , Area 25
Lego before Lego (display)

A boxed BILOfix Set 5 in decent condition.

The set has a distinctive long card box with a hexagonal cross-section and a card carry-handle in the middle.


The fact that this is set No.5 suggests that it dates from after the Bilofix brand broke away from the main ~Lego company in ~1960. The Lego-produced Bilofix Engineer range (1959-1960) only seems to have been listed as going up to set No.3. However, as far as we can tell, the packaging doesn't seem to have been changed – if so, this set would look identical to a 1959-1960 set, apart from the Number 5 on the end of the slide-out tray.