Avon 17" Ocean-going Cruiser (Tri-ang 432S)

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Avon 17" Ocean-going Cruiser (Tri-ang 432S)

Avon Ocean-going Cruiser, Tri-ang 432S (BLCat 1962).jpg 1962 catalogue lineart image (i)
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Arch Four , Area 35
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Penguin "Avon" electric-powered plastic toy luxury cruiser, displayed with its box.

The model boat is white with a blue roof, edging and detailing, and was made by International Model Aircraft Limited, London, circa 1950s to 1960s.

"Avon", 17-inch electric Ocean-going Cruiser

1962 catalogue description

" 432S 17" (43.2cm) beautifully detailed scale model of an Ocean-going Cruiser, the 'Avon' is driven by a geared "Revmaster" electric motor from torch batteries. 42/- "
1962 catalogue image