Austin Champ (Dinky Toys 674)

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Austin Champ (Dinky Toys 674)

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A dark green military "Jeep-style" Austin Champ car, Dinky Toys 674, made by Meccano Ltd from 1954 to 1971.

Austin Champ, Dinky 674

1954 "Dinky News" promotional text:

... Many readers have told me that they would be glad to see the Jeep reintroduced in the Army series to provide a small, light, personnel carrier. Well, I think these readers will be even more pleased with the latest military vehicle, for it is the British Army counterpart of the Jeep, the Austin Champ.

This fine new model is shown in the pictures on this page, and you can see for yourselves the robust lines and the wealth of detail in the miniature. The latest Army vehicle is finshed in service green, and in common with the other models in the series is fitted with Royal Armoured Corps transfers at the front and the rear.

A miniature driver is provided and a spare wheel is carried at the rear, just like the real thing. The detailed moulding of the casting includes a representation of a spare fuel carrier at the back, and even the pick and spade strapped to the side of the actual vehicle are clearly marked on the model.

The Austin Champ is something of an innovation in British Army vehicles, for instead of having a separate chassis to which the body is bolted, this vehicle employs what is called semi-integral construction. In this arrangement the componenets that form the various sections of the body are welded to the main frame to form a stout structure that will stand up to any amount of hard use.

The Champ is indeed an all-purpose vehicle in its military form, and can be driven hard on the roads or across country. Youc an therefore use the model in scenes of almost any kind made with your Army collection. Don't forget that streams and even shallow rivers present no obstacles to the real vehicle, for it is waterproofed and by fitting an extension to the air intake it can operate in water up to five feet in depth.

The Austin Champ is an important addition to the range of Dinky Toys military vehicles and every enthusiast will want to add at least one of them to his collection. This type of vehicle is strong, speedy, and easily manoeuvrable, and with these assets it is inval;uabel for army duties of all kinds where a light personnel carrier is needed.

— , "The Toyman", Dinky News, , Meccano Magazine, , August 1954

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