Amy Johnson Gipsy Moth, Jason G-AAAH (Gunthermann)

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Amy Johnson Gipsy Moth, Jason G-AAAH (Gunthermann)

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A gold clockwork lithographed tinplate model of Amy Johnson's famous DH.60 Gipsy Moth biplane, "Jason" (G-AAAH), made in Germany by Guntherman, circa 1930.

The model comes with a partial figure of Amy Johnson as pilot, and has a spare red propeller attached to the left-hand side.


The lithography of the model makes it difficult ignore the fact that this is a commemorative toy – as well as the famous registration number G-AAAH, the model features the name "JASON" in large letters, and has "AMY - QUEEN oF THE AIR" proudly emblazoned over the full width of the top wing's upper wing surface.


The toy is currently awaiting restoration – the main issue beng that the upright central tailfin is missing.