… Other exhibits

The museum has over sixty different display areas.

In addition to the main central layout, aircraft and slot machines, there are dolls, bears, dollhouse furniture, lead figures, diecast vehicles, toy kitchenry, beautifully engineered working scale models, and lots and lots of trains (including two more interlinked 00-gauge model railway layouts).

A 360-degree view of another part of the museum, the three layouts are visible on the rightmost part of the view

The single-manufacturer displays of Spot-On Models, Corgi Toys and Hornby Trains/Hornby Dublo are possibly the most comprehensive on permanent public display anywhere in the world, and there are also internationally significant collections of construction toys and building toys, novelty tinplate, and a reference collection of 1920s locomotives by Bing, Bassett-Lowke, Märklin, and other makers.