With our 25th Anniversary year in full swing, We are looking forward to the busy summer holiday season.
Visitors are already telling us how much they’re enjoying our new dolls house furniture exhibit and the updated Meccano display and with planned improvements to the central ‘0’ gauge layout and a raft of other tweaks around the museum there will be plenty to see for new visitors and returning customers alike.

Our successful run of Children’s Play Days continue through the summer so keep an eye on our front page to see when the next ones are coming up.

This website has grown since our last news update too. You’ll find added content on our Featured Exhibits page and a whole new page about our Collectors Market, not to mention our ever expanding Knowledge base resource pages, so take a look.

Events so far this year have been very successful including our stand at what may have been the last ever ‘Model World’ at the Brighton centre. We have been an exhibitor there for many years and last year seemed to be as busy as ever so it was with sadness that we heard the news. We hope the exhibition will continue in another guise elsewhere and we will of course keep you up to date if we hear any news.

The Toys in the community project has now been concluded and was a huge success. All of the content recorded during the project is available on line on their website so if you’re interested in the social aspect of people’s recollections of the toys they played with as children, then please follow the link and enjoy.