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A magical world of Toys and Models, hidden beneath Brighton Station
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    Finding the Museum:

    The entrance to Trafalgar Street, as seen when facing Brighton StationThe view looking down into Trafalgar Street. The museum is on the left.The view looking up Trafalgar Street, museum on the right.

    From Brighton Station:

    When you leave the platform's ticket barriers, you'll see a Marks and Spencers on your right. Walk towards it and you'll find a station exit alongside the shop. Leave the station by this exit, and you'll find yourself facing a mass of parked bicycles in front of a railing. Follow the railing to the right and you'll see something that looks like the entrance to an underground car park emerging from the station concourse. That's the upper end of Trafalgar Street

    The Museum is on Trafalgar Street, almost underneath the concourse taxi ranks that are in front of the station.

    From the Clock Tower:

    Follow Queen's Road up towards the station. Cross at the bus shelters, and when you reach Bus Stop B, you'll be separated from Marks and Spencers by two sets of railings. Follow the railings to the left and wheel right, and you'll soon find yourself looking down the upper entrance to Trafalgar Street. We're down there, just on the left.

    From the Pier:

    Follow the series of green grassy spaces inland, through Old Steine and up Grand Parade, past the Brighton Pavilion. When you get to St Peter's Church, look for a road on your left, signposted with a brown sign saying "Sussex Toy Museum" (our old name). That's the bottom end of Trafalgar Street. Look up the road and you'll see what appears to be a large blue bridge built over the road. That's part of the station buildings complex, and we're directly underneath it, on the right.

    Local Maps

    Brighton Station - Bing Maps