Zoo Entrance sets (Taylor and Barrett 66 67 68)

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Zoo Entrance sets (Taylor and Barrett 66 67 68)

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Arch Three , Area 44
The Zoo (display)


A pair of green-painted cast lead turnstile Zoo entrance with gate, sign, kiosk and turnstiles, and gold signage detailing, made by Taylor and Barrett.

The display has two each of the green Gate, Kiosk and Turnstile, arranged next to each other as a ticketed entrance, and exit.

Zoo entranceway, Taylor & Barrett


We'd had a couple of customers definitely identify these pieces to us as being by John Hill ("[Johillco]"), but they match the reference photos in Joplin's book for Taylor and Barratt, with the painting corresponding to T&B's reissued post-war version.

  • 66 Zoo Gate
  • 67 Paybox
  • 68 Turnstile


  • Norman Joplin, The Great Book of Hollowcast Figures (New Cavendish, 1993) ISBN 1872727263, page 453