Wrenn TT range

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G&R Wrenn were one of the small companies that decided to investigate the possibilities of the slightly-smaller-than-00 TT scale.

We don't have a Wrenn TT catalogue, but the list below is copied from the "TT" section on a general 1969 price list. The list says "Limited stocks subject to availability'", which suggests that by this point the company might have been running the range down ... it's possible that the range might have been larger at some point.

1969 range:

from a 1969 price list:


  • T591 Continental Pacific
  • T591S Continental Pacific
  • T592 Tender for T691 and T591S

Goods Wagons:=

  • T146 Track Cleaning Car
  • T170 Ore Wagon
  • T272 Bogie Caustic Tank Wagon
  • T370 Western Region Brake Van
  • T571 Continental Grain Wagon
Operating Accessories
  • T45 Turntable Hand Operated
  • XT76 Turntable Conversion Unit
  • T150 Curved S Radius
  • T151 Straight
  • T152 Half Straight
  • T153 Curved L radius
  • T155 Buffer Stop
  • T156 Uncoupling Track
  • T160 L/H Point Mk.2 Hand Operated
  • T161 R/H Point Mk.2 Hand Operated
  • XT84 Point Motor L/H for T160
  • XT85 Point Motor R/H for T160
  • T164 Power Connecting Clip
  • T166 Isolating Track
Lineside Accessories
  • T27 Signal Box
  • T33 Level Crossing, Double Track
  • T112H Home Signal
  • T112D Distant Signal
  • T114 Loading Gauge