Wooden building blocks set (Lego Klodser)

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Wooden building blocks set (Lego Klodser)

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Arch Two , Area 25
Lego before Lego (display)


A complete Wooden Building Block Set for children, with box and lid ("Lego Klodsen"), made in Denmark by the Lego company, part number 500. Depending on which source one believes, the set was first issued somewhere in the range 1946-1948. The set was also issued outside Denmark as "LEGO ABC".

The set is displayed open alongside its wooden lid, which unfortunately has had some serious damage to the outer lid label, with the nice "LEGO Klodser" logo (the "Klodser" part is almost completely missing).

The box contents consist of 36 wooden blocks, with numbers and large letters (colour against wood), and various images on the other sides. The "number" sides all have the word "LEGO" on them.

The set was supposedly reissued in 1998.

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