Wappen von Hamburg 1669 (Sidney J T Hill)

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Wappen von Hamburg 1669 (Sidney J T Hill)

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Arch Four , Area 74
Arch Four, Overhead

A cabinetted wooden model of the 1669 ship, "Wappen von Hamburg" (contemporary spelling: "Wapen von Hamburg") built by Sidney J. T. Hill, of Brewood.

Due to the ship's size and complexity (and its famous and spectacular ending), the 1669 "Wappen" is a popular choice for ambitious wooden model shipbuilders, and a number of kit companies have produced sets of parts for builders to construct models of the ship.

The original ship

After losing thirteen trading ships between 1662 and 1667 to Barbary pirates, the City of Hamburg commissioned two heavily armed "convoy" ships.

The Wappen von Hamburg was built in Deichtor shipyard and took up service in 1669.

In October 1683, on an escort voyage to Cadiz, a fire started in the forecastle and spread to the gunpowder reserve causing a huge explosion that destroyed the ship.

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