Union Pacific M-10000 Tin Worm (Marx)

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Union Pacific M-10000 Tin Worm (Marx)

M10000 streamliner train, front detail (Marx).jpg Marx M-10000 streamlined train (i)
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Arch Four , Area 39
End Cabinet (display)
Shelf 7

A red and silver clockwork, gauge 0 model by Marx, of Union Pacific's 1934 streamlined M-10000 diesel train (nicknamed "The Tin Worm").

The "worm" was styled by Pullman engineer Martin P Blomberg. It had an aluminium alloy bodyshell, and was brown with curved yellow side-panels and a rounded rear end that looked very wormlike indeed.

The piece is marked with the Marx "cross in circle" logo, and "MADE IN ENGLAND".


M-10000 streamlined train (Marx), side view
M-10000 streamlined train (Marx), front-side view
M-10000 streamlined train (Marx), rear-side view

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