Ubilda catalogue descriptions 1935

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Text transcribed from the facsimile edition of the Burnett catalogue for 1935/36, included in the Marguerite Fawdry book (ISBN 0904568865).

Ubuilda Sports Car (No.101/90)

Model of a modern Sports Car which will delight youthful Motor enthusiasts.

Attractively decorated. Fitted with a strong clockwork motor, which gives a long and speedy run.

A large size Sports Model. Overall dimensions when built up :- 13 3/4 × 5 1/4 × 4 1/2

Ubilda Locomotive (No.99/90 & 103/90)

Wonderful models of the World's most famous Railway Engines.


Decorated in authentic colours. Fitted with s strong clockwork motor.

The gem of the Ubilda range of constructional toys. An engineering lesson. A splendid toy. The 68 parts build up into a Locomotive overall dimensions :- 18" × 2 1/2" × 4"

Ubilda Motor Car (No.93/90)

A worthy companion to the Ubilda Locomotive.

73 parts to build an up-to-date Motor Car, decorated in blue, fitted with a strong spring motor.

The pride of the Road. A delightful model to build a modern toy. When built overall dimensions :- 13 3/4" × 5 1/4" × 5"

Ubilda Fort (No.31/90)

The Toy for the Winter Evening.

Decorated most realistically, the metal parts build up into a variety of Forts. Not one toy, but many, and when built-up what a splendid toy.

The Fort you build. Walls, Towers, Portcullis, Drawbridge are all made of decorated metal. Will build a number of Forts, overall dimensions :- 21" × 12" × 7"

Ubilda Mechanical Shovel (No.102/60)

Brand new addition to the Ublida series

34 parts of this fine toy build up into a strong model which works just like the real thing. When built-up, overall dimensions :- 17 1/2" × 10 1/2" × 4 1/2"

Ubilda Fort (No.30/60)

Another variety of the Ubilda Fort series.

This is a junior member of the Fort family.

Just as sturdy and strong as its big brother overleaf.

Complete with Walls, Towers, Portcullis, Drawbridge.

Overall dimensions :- 12 1/2" × 11 1/4" × 7"

Ubilda Tower Bridge (No.65/60)

The variety of the Ubilda range of decorated metal construction toys is exemplified in this graceful model of the world famous Tower Bridge.

92 parts build this model.

Realistically decorated in authentic colours.

The centre span lifts like the original. An engineering feat in miniature

Builds into a bridge 28 1/4" long and 7 1/4" high.

Ubilda Air Liner (No.88/42)

A model Air Liner, made throughout of metal, fitted with strong clockwork motor, and with lamps and fitments for electric light.

A delightful model for the young engineer, and a family toy when built.

Overall dimensions :- 13 1/2" × 13 1/2" × 4 1/2"

Ubilda Locomotive (No.104/30, 105/30) 4-4-2 tank loco 11861

Further contributions to the outfit of youthful Railway enthusiasts.

Sturdy models in two decorations, i.e.

  • L.M.S. – RED.
  • L.N.E. – GREEN.

Fitted with strong clockwork mechanism.

The building and running of these Engines will be an endless source of amusement.

30 parts to this fine toy.

When built-up, overall dimensions :- 10" × 2 1/4" × 1 3/4"

Ubilda Fort (No.81/30)

19 decorated parts build up into a charming little Fort. Just the line for the Young Engineer. Not too complicated, yet not to easy to build.

When built it is a delightful plaything.

Complete with Towers, Walls and Portcullis.

Packed in a box measuring ;- 8 3/4 × 10 3/4 × 2 3/4"

Ubilda Sports Car (No.98/30)

Up-to-date, the Ubilda Sports Car will delight the modern child.

It follows the lines of the modern Sports model, is decorated in effective colours. 43 separate parts to build it.

Overall dimensions :- 10" × 4 1/4" × 3"

Ubilda Fire Engine (No.66/30)

One of the most popular toy models of the day, and like all Ubilda models it is two toys in one.

First, the beautifully decorated metal parts give the young mind and fingers "something to do," and the result is a strong, reliable metal mechanical toy, fitted with driving mechanism.

Overall dimensions :- 10 1/2" × 4 1/4" × 5"

Ubilda Motor Car (No.92/30)

No range of Ubilda's would be complete without a Ubilda Motor Car.

Perfectly designed and beautifully finished. 38 parts to build this attractive car.

Decorated in red and black.

Challenges comparison with any other constructional toy on the market.

Overall dimensions :- 10" × 4 1/4" × 3 3/4"

Ubilda Air Liner (No.89/30)

A strong reliable motor-driven mechanical model of an Air Liner.

30 parts in brightly decorated metal, build into a model Air Liner.

Overall dimensions :- 13 1/2" × 13 1/2" × 4 1/2"

Ubilda Racing Car (No.28/30)

A specialist's Car for the young model-builder. Represents an up-to-date Racing Car. You build it from 24 separate parts.

Decorated in green and black.

Driven by strong mechanism, gives a long and speedy run.

Overall dimensions :- 11" × 3 3/4" × 3"

Ubilda Aeroplane (No.55/12)

Two toys but a single price.

An engineering toy and a model aeroplane.

10 parts to build this model, strongly made, decorated in blue.

Overall dimensions :- 13 1/2" × 13 1/2" × 4 1/2"

Ubilda Toy Sets

The popular Ubilda models collected into sets. Convenient to handle, attractive gifts, and an everlasting joy for the youngster.

Each set is packed together in a strong cardboard box as follows :-

Set No.1a (No.108/60)

contains :- Sports Car, Racing Car

Set No.1b (No.109/60)

contains :- Motor Car, Fire Engine

Set No.2 (No.59/90)

contains :- Locomotive, Car, Aeroplane

Set No.3 (No.78/126)

contains :- Tower Bridge, Fire Engine, Monoplane, Crane

Set No.4 (No.79/150)

contains :- Fort (large size), Tower Bridge, Aeroplane