Tudor Stone Building Bricks, Box No.2 (Sander's)

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Tudor Stone Building Bricks, Box No.2 (Sander's)

File:Sanders Tudor Stone Building Bricks - box artwork.jpg Sander's Box No.2, showing wooden slide-out lid with large sticker (i)
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Arch Two , Area 26
Building Sets 1 (display)


A set of artistically-inventive artificial stone "Sander's" Tudor stone building blocks with rough stonework and blocks with "Tudor" detailing, for building models of Tudor houses, churches, and castles. The set looks as if it was probably made in around the 1920's.

Manufacturer's description:

Sander's "TUDOR" Stone Building Bricks,
" ... represent an entirely new class of Toy. The surface of the bricks being modelled to imitate the appearance of the rough-hewn stone, magnificent modern Buildings as well as faithful reproductions of the beautiful Architecture of the Middle-Ages can be created. "

Box art and instruction manual

[[File:|thumb|center|Sander's Box No.2, leaflet front cover|480px|link=https://www.brightontoymuseum.co.uk/w/images/]]

[[File:|thumb|center|Sander's Box No.2, leaflet, Introduction to Sander's Tudor Stone Building Bricks|480px|link=https://www.brightontoymuseum.co.uk/w/images/]]

[[File:|thumb|center|Sander's Box No.2, leaflet, showing colour images of the included pieces|480px|link=https://www.brightontoymuseum.co.uk/w/images/]]

[[File:|thumb|center|Sander's, box lid|480px|link=https://www.brightontoymuseum.co.uk/w/images/]]

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