Toy-Town Telephone Exchange (Codeg)

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Toy-Town Telephone Exchange (Codeg)

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Arch Two , Area 17
Toy Variety (display)


A boxed Toy-Town Telephone Exchange with printed tinplate and red plastic parts, made by/for Codeg.

The exchange consists of a red metal telephone exchange with yellow plugs, sockets switch covers and rotary dial (with and a red plastic side-mounted hanging handset), and a separate free-standing red plastic desk telephone with yellow plastic rotary dial.


The lower front of the toy exchange has two white-on-black panels reading REGD. DESIGN 879566 and PAT APP 57. This is a little confusing, as the registered design number doesn't seem to produce any results from a Google search, and patent applications have a lot more than two digits! We'd tend to assume that these are dummy numbers used for "detailing" the telephone exchange unit ... but they also appear on the printed box.

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