The Drunkard's Dream, penny-arcade automaton (Bollands)

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The Drunkard's Dream, penny-arcade automaton (Bollands)

Drunkard's Dream, closeup.jpg Closeup of the "Drunkard's Dream" main character (i)
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Arch Four , Area 79
Arch Four, Misc.

"The Drunkard's Dream", a coin-operated amusement-arcade automaton from 1935, supplied by Bollands Amusement Machine Supply. The machine has the slightly confusing marque of "Working Model".

This unit was restored in 1985.

"Drunkard's Dream" is an animated diorama of a pub cellar, with steps, beer barrels and bottles, and one very inebriated sprawled "drunk". When the user inserts a coin, the diorama animates to show a range of alcohol-induced hallucinations, which consist mostly of creatures and assorted "boogeymen" appearing out of the dark corners of the cellar to torment its inhabitant.

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